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Corrected entry: If the World really had a flash forward to a specific date and time in the future, then that moment would become a worldwide countdown just like the millennium countdown was. Everyone would be eagerly waiting to see what will happen once the world "catches up" to the point that had already been glimpsed - would it flash forward again (perhaps to the end of Season 2's finale?!)etc. The result being that no-one will actually be doing what they saw themselves doing - for example is the chief still going to pop to the loo, or will he hang on 5 minutes next time?


Correction: Why is this a plot hole? One of the key issues of the show is whether or not the future can actually be changed. You're right in that there will be people who will intentionally choose to try to avoid the situation as seen in their flashforward - most of the main characters are in this position. What remains to be seen, and what forms a key plotline, is whether they can actually do that, or whether circumstances will conspire to put them in that position anyway. Your "plot hole" is the premise of the entire show, not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: When they travel to Utah, the Asian guy has the same vision as the female officer (none) as to believing they would die. Later on, when they enter the warehouse, the female office dies. The Asian guy explains to his co-worker that it seemed true and he says that five minutes after sharing his vision with the female officer, she died. When they landed it was bright in the day and when she died it was in the dark of night.


Correction: It was a figure of speech - he didn't actually mean exactly five minutes. He just meant, very soon after his discussion with her regarding her blank flashforward, she died.


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