Leverage (2008)

1 mistake in The Rundown Job

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The Rundown Job - S5-E10

Character mistake: Upon finding the Spanish flu virus missing, Hardison freaks out about it killing 50m people 100 years ago, saying it would be even more deadly today due to the higher population. There's no reason to think so - the death toll in 1918 was massively exacerbated by the aftermath of WWI. Not to mention today we have vaccines, plus most deaths then were actually caused by bacterial pneumonia, which today is easily treated with antibiotics.

Jon Sandys Premium member

The Mile High Job - S1-E8

Trivia: Someone on Leverage's writing staff is a Dr. Who fan. When the team is on the escalator at the airport, Hardison asks Nate over the ear piece, "What IDs have you got on you?" Nate replies, "Let's see, we've got Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and I have a Tom Baker." Sophie chirps, "Oh! I have a Baker as well!" Nate and Sophie then board the plane as Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baker. This was the first of what would become a running gag: the Tom Baker alias and several other Who references recur throughout the series. (00:12:00)

Jean G

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