True Blood

She's Not There - S4-E1

Audio problem: When Jessica is talking to Pam at the ladies' room at Fangtasia, as Pam says, "You have no reason to feel guilty", her head is seen from behind, but the words don't match the motion of her jaw. (00:45:25)


Authority Always Wins - S5-E2

Audio problem: When Roman is addressing Bill and Eric, as he says, "To meet under these circumstances", his lips don't move until he says the word "circumstances". (00:46:05)


It Hurts Me Too - S3-E3

Audio problem: When Bill corners Loreena and says, "You've deprived me of my freedom, and my home", in the following shot from behind him, you can see his jaw moving as if he's talking, but nothing is heard. (00:54:25)


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