True Blood

The First Taste - S1-E2

Trivia: In this episode, when Sam is talking to Sookie in his office asking if she can hear his thoughts, he tells her she always has a job working at Merlotte's. Once Sookie leaves the office, the camera pans to a painting on the wall of a dog protecting the little girl. It is kind of a foreshadowing that Sam is a shapeshifter (he shifts into a dog) who is always looking out for Sookie and she is not even aware of his supernatural ability.

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Trivia: Although they play mother and daughter in this series, Adina Porter is only seven years older than Rutina Wesley.

9 Crimes - S3-E4

Trivia: In the commentary the director is asked if the books went into detail about Debbie Pelts initiation into the Nazi Werewolf pack. He replied that the books didn't list the specifics on the nature of the initiation. However, there was no initiation because there was no Nazi Werewolf pack. Werewolves did work for the King of Mississippi, and Debbie helped them torture Bill (for fun because she was friends with one of the wolf employees), but that is all.

Life Matters - S6-E9

Trivia: There are various commentary errors where the writers or directors pretend to have read the books. One such error is when Brian Buckner explains how Jessica was never in the books (correct), he then states that she was only some girl Bill had to turn (to pay for killing Longshadow). Not only did Bill never turn anyone in the books, it was Eric who saved Sookie's life by killing Longshadow.

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Answer: Pam doesn't have to be with Eric 24/7.

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