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A Deadly Affair - S3-E1

Corrected entry: When Beckett, Castle, and Ryan are discussing the anonymous bank deposits made to the victims, as Ryan is saying "there's no way to trace the payments...", Stana Katic tries to covertly hide a snickering smile. A longer version of the scene had a shot of Castle staring at Beckett while she's bent over writing on the board, she notices and that's what she's smiling at, but without that shot the smile makes no sense. (00:25:55)

Cubs Fan

Correction: She was laughing at Ryan trying to push Castle off the desk. They were still mad at Castle for not calling them and Ryan was expressing that in an immature way. Beckett on the other hand has been known to laugh at these kinds of moments since she is somewhat childish, or at least has a good sense of humor, so that snicker does make sense; she's just reacting to the situation.

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