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A Chill Goes Through Her Veins - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When Castle and Beckett visit Mr. Davidson, he comes out chasing his two grandchildren - a tall girl in a red jacket and another one who's slightly shorter in a light pink jacket. When the detective and Castle walk up, the grandkids have switched places. When Mr. Davidson says, "Did I scare you," Beckett has her hand in her jacket, but when Beckett says, "Mr. Davidson," her hand is not in her pocket anymore. When Mr. Davidson says, "Why don't we go inside," Beckett is putting her badge in her pocket, but in the shot before she already put her badge in her jacket. Finally, when Mr. Davidson says, "Alright!" the girls have switched places again between shots. (00:09:50)


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Beckett: Richard Castle, you are under arrest for felony theft and obstruction of justice.
Castle: You forgot making you look bad.



At the end of the episode, the Mercedes S class that is burning is not the same car that Castle drove previously in the episode, it's an older model one. Either it's a mistake or has to do something with the plot resolution, decide yourselves...



Castle's Halloween costume is of Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion in the short-lived TV show "Firefly." Alexis asks him: "Didn't you wear that like five years ago?" Serenity, the film based on Firefly, was released 5 years before this episode aired.