American Dad

Spring Break-Up - S3-E16

Character mistake: At one point in the show, Roger throws a bucket of water (in disguise as Scotch Bingeington) on Francine claiming "Wet T-Shirt Contest!" Francine looks disgusted when Roger states "Eh, give this one a four" to the guy judging the contest, then says to Francine "Don't feel bad, you've had three kids." Francine replies "I've had two." and Roger gasps and puts a consoling hand on Francine's shoulder. This is wrong because Francine has birthed four children. She previously gave birth to Bailey (Hayley's twin), and Greg and Terry's baby in Season 3 Episode 7 "Surro-Gate." (00:14:15)

Travis Love Benson

She Swill Survive - S9-E16

Character mistake: When Francine calls Stan to tell him Hayley is in rehab, he later asks her whose car she crashed, when Francine had never said that a car had been crashed to begin with.


The Life and Times of Stan Smith - S12-E15

Character mistake: Klaus tells Steve how he can take him to ASU and introduce him to some choice people. Steve replies "I don't know, isn't that a party school?" and acts like he doesn't want to attend. However, in an earlier episode "A Nice Night for a Drive", Klaus tells Stan that Steve is hoping to attend ASU because of "sluts on campus."


Tearjerker - S3-E10

Character mistake: When Tearjerker is describing his evil plot to Stan, he says he auditioned for a role in Monster's Ball in 2002. Monster's Ball was released in 2001.

Casual Person

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