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Night Gallery (1970)

3 mistakes in Logoda's Heads

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Logoda's Heads - S2-E42

Visible crew/equipment: The shadow of a film crew member is visible to the right of Sgt. Imo.


Logoda's Heads - S2-E42

Revealing mistake: The actor playing Sgt. Imo uses a small branch on the ground as the mark where he is to stand. He also looks down to ensure he is standing in the right place.


Logoda's Heads - S2-E42

Continuity mistake: As Kyra is leaving the village, Logoda's fang necklace, in close-up, has two of its teeth flipped over and out of alignment with the rest. In full shot, though, all the teeth are back in perfect order. (00:09:10)

Jean G

Rod Serling: For those of you who've never met me, you might call me the under-nourished Alfred Hitchcock.

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Smile, Please - S3-E8

Trivia: The scene of the spooky castle on the rocky shore was used in episodes of "Gilligan's Island" featuring Vito Scotti as mad scientist Boris Balinkoff.

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