Night Gallery

Deliveries in the Rear - S2-E53

Corrected entry: Dr. Fletcher's "suppliers" are robbing graves to provide him with cadavers. Yet the corpse he uncovers for his class of surgeons is supple enough for him to easily lift its right arm. Rigor mortis starts setting in within 10 minutes of death. The arm should have been difficult - if not impossible - for him to lift. (00:05:25)

Jean G

Correction: Several reasons this statement is wrong. Mainly, rigor mortis dissipates from the human body after 24-hours, depending on temperature. Therefore, the body can be moved, especial the raising of a limb (which is why morticians can do their job) Also, rigor mortis takes about 4-6 hours to set in and about 12-hours to be fully set.


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