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Alias Smith and Jones (1971)

2 factual errors in Wrong Train to Brimstone

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Wrong Train to Brimstone - S1-E4

Factual error: When the train is fully boarded, the conductor waves a lamp to signal the engineer. It's supposed to be 8 pm at night, but it's suspiciously sunny on the platform - and the signal lamp is noticeably not lit.


Jean G

Wrong Train to Brimstone - S1-E4

Factual error: This entire episode takes place in Wyoming, because of the Bannerman plot to ambush the Devil's Hole gang, but a sign at the train station where Heyes and Curry board states the elevation as 2315 feet. No location in Wyoming or northern Colorado is that low. One would have to be in California, Texas, or eastern Kansas or Nebraska.


Catriona M Mac Kirnan

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An egotistical, prissy and dishonest lawyer like Mr. Fletcher wouldn't make the mistake of allowing his name to be misspelled on his office door. It reads "Winfred Fletcher." His first name, as it's pronounced throughout the episode, is "Winford."



The stiff-necked, humorless Sheriff Tankersley was a nose-thumbing parody of a real (and really unpopular) person. William Tankersley was a notoriously prissy network censor who was infamous at the time for trying (unsuccessfully) to stifle the naughty bits on All in the Family.