The High Chaparral

Gold Is Where You Leave It - S1-E19

Audio problem: After the Apaches rescue Blue, Buck signs to their leader and says, "Vaya con Dios to you too, brother." But his lips never move.

Jean G

Spokes - S4-E2

Audio problem: When Buck orders the would-be killers out of the hotel room, his lips don't move in sync with the words he speaks.

Jean G

The New Lion of Sonora - S4-E14

Audio problem: During Don Sebastian's funeral, the single church bell is tolling. But the ringing sound effect continues after the bell itself has stopped moving. (00:07:55)

Jean G

North to Tucson - S2-E8

Audio problem: John and Manolito are driving the wagon and loudly singing "La Gallina" together. But as they pass closer to the camera, we can see that their lips aren't moving.

Jean G

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