How Green Was My Thumb? - S3-E17

Trivia: In addition to Randolph Mantooth's brother Donald appearing in this episode, while Roy and John are in Mrs. Johnson's apartment, when Roy's telling John some of the plants' names, John picks up a plant from the table and asks Roy what its name is. And when Roy answers, "Sadie", John smiles at the plant and says, "Hey, Sadie, how you doing?" Sadie is Mantooth's mother's name.

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The Promise - S3-E11

Trivia: During Richard's rescue from the ledge at Rampart, the snorkel that Roy and Brackett climb onto is Truck 127, from Station 127 aka Station 51. Truck 127 is used in many episodes requiring a snorkel, including 1x6, "Dealer's Wild" and 3x16, "Fools." There's a particularly nice shot at the end of this episode, when Engine 51 and Squad 51 are parked parallel to each other, and when Johnny responds to dispatch that Squad 51 is available, Truck 127 drives away between 51's vehicles. Nice touch.

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Promotion - S3-E7

Trivia: While Roy is seriously considering the promotion to engineer, he climbs into Engine 51's driver's seat, which is a very poignant moment for the show, and it's the only time during the run of the series that we ever see anyone sitting in the Ward LaFrance driver's seat other than Mike, who was a real FD engineer, or the other real FD engineers who drove the rig on screen.

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Snakebite - S3-E6

Trivia: The rattlesnake that bites Johnny in this episode is a real defanged rattler. Randolph Mantooth wore a protective layer around his leg, under his pants, and had to shake his leg to taunt the rattlesnake to strike him. When the rattler did strike his leg, it was higher than they anticipated, above his protective layer, and it got snagged on his pants so he had to shake his leg to get it off him.

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Heavyweight - S3-E5

Trivia: Worth a look. After John sees Morton about the pulled deltoid muscle, when John and Roy leave the ER they pass another paramedic who's bringing in an electric shock victim, and the paramedic makes a crack about John being a little out of shape. As the camera follows the stretcher, pay attention to the background as Roy and John exit, because it looks as if John is giving the finger to flip off that paramedic who made the crack.

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