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Emergency! picture

The Game - S6-E1

Trivia: It's in this episode that the Heimlich Maneuver is used for the first time by the paramedics. At the USC game, when a guy is choking on a hot dog, John and Roy are called, and John uses the Heimlich. Up until season 6 we've seen the guys use other methods, such as the ChokeSaver which look like huge white tweezers, to remove obstructions in an airway, as seen in 4x9, "Foreign Trade."

Super Grover

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Abyssinia, Henry - S3-E24

Trivia: There were no American planes shot down over the Sea of Japan during the Korean conflict. It is rumoured that producer/director Larry Gelbart knew that, but wrote Henry Blake's death scene as he was very unhappy with the way Mclean Stevenson had left the show, and was determined to make it clear that there was no way he would be coming back.

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The Outrage: Part 1 - S9-E1

Trivia: While everyone is at the table eating supper and talking, little John Curtis taps on John's shoulder, then John turns and asks "What?" John Curtis points to his pants and excitedly says, "I got new pants," and John says, "I see that. Who got you those? Your mommy?" Then John Curtis looks offscreen, away from the other actors on set, and replies, "No, from Pat," (no characters named Pat are on the show) and without missing a beat, John responds, "From Pat? Where does she live? On the next farm?" And John Curtis answers, "Yeah," amidst all the giggles we can hear, so John answers with a smirk, "Okay, good!" This is such a hilariously precious unscripted moment, and great they decided to leave it in the episode. (00:26:15)

Super Grover

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Trivia: Throughout the series, a number of times Fred mentions "Pluto water." It was a popular strongly laxative natural water product that was sold until 1971, when production and sales halted because lithium, one of the mineral salts, was declared a controlled substance. Sanford and Son debuted in 1972, so Fred couldn't have had this product throughout the series.

Movie Nut

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Are You Being Served? picture

Trivia: The "lift voice" heard during the theme song in each episode is that of Stephanie Gathercole, who played Mr. Rumbold's secretary in the earliest episodes.

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Trivia: While Bob Newhart is a father himself, he was adamant about Bob Hartley not having any children. When the writers told him they wanted to introduce a child in season six, he told them the script was good, and then asked them who was going to play Bob.

Cubs Fan

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Trivia: "Kung Fu" was not canceled due to poor ratings, as it performed solidly during its run. It was canceled due to the physical stress and abuse on David Carradine's body, and it was wearing him out.


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