Emergency! (1972)

2 corrected entries in season 2

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Show Biz - S2-E3

Corrected entry: When the calendar producer is at the station meeting Gage and Desoto, he says "Nice to meet you, Kevin" (the actor's real name) instead of "Roy."

Melinda Morgan

Correction: When Billy Zimmer is introduced to Roy and John, what he actually says is, "Gentlemen, how do you do."

Super Grover Premium member

Women - S2-E9

Corrected entry: The sick child Dr. Joe and Dr. Mike are examining is supposed to be fatally poisoned, but his head changes position twice during subsequent shots.


Correction: If the child is only sick at the time, then, even if incurably poisoned, it doesn't stop them moving their head until they're actually dead.

Tailkinker Premium member

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