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Corrected entry: In the first episode, "Everything Changes," Gwen is told that "Captain Jack Harkness failed to report for duty" on 21 January, 1941. However, in "Captain Jack Harkness," Jack tells Tosh that the real Captain Jack Harkness will be killed in combat, taking down 3 Messerschmidts and getting the rest of his squadron safely back to base in the process the next day. Surely, at least one of his men would have reported that the Captain died a hero. If not, how can he fail to report for duty if he was in the air?


Captain Defenestrator

Correction: Gwen asks for information on a living man named Jack Harkness. The original Jack Harkness, the pilot, is confirmed as having been killed in combat - as you say, his squadron would have reported his heroic death. Being confirmed as deceased, there's no reason for the researcher to mention him. Torchwood's Jack Harkness, who took his name and who also served in the military, is the one who was listed as having vanished without trace.




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Captain Jack Harkness: Under normal circumstances, an exuberant Roman soldier would be my idea of a perfect morning.



When the children are possessed by the 456, they're supposed to be frozen and stare blankly ahead. But during the second possession, as the camera is panning across a school playground, a boy on the far right is looking directly at it. As it moves closer to him, he swivels his eyes back to where they're supposed to be.



The hand preserved in a glass jar in the Torchwood HQ is the severed hand of Doctor Who which he lost in a duel during the Christmas special. The hand features quite prominently in episode 1 but can also be seen in the background in most episodes.