It Takes a Thief

Guess Who's Coming to Rio? - S2-E13

Audio problem: When Katrina walks out of the building at the end and crosses the street to Dover's car, the sound of her boots on the pavement doesn't match the actual movement of her feet at all. (00:45:10)

Jean G

The King of Thieves - S3-E9

Audio problem: One of the perils of filming on location is employing local talent with accents too thick to be understood. Here, both the Italian actors playing the kidnappers are very obviously dubbed over. (00:40:45)

Jean G

Beyond a Treasonable Doubt - S3-E23

Audio problem: When Mundy escapes, Devon shouts, "Stop him!" But his lips aren't moving when we hear the words shouted, and when his lips do mouth the words several seconds later, there's no sound. (00:10:00)

Jean G

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