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Hawaii Five-O (1968)

1 plot hole in The Clock Struck Twelve

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The Clock Struck Twelve - S5-E12

Plot hole: As a security test, McGarrett secretly has several dummy bombs planted in the court building, then later shows the governor where they are. Each time he pulls one of the devices from its hiding place, citizens in the courthouse stroll casually by without so much as glancing at the loudly-ticking "bomb." No one knew about the test, so McGarrett's bombs should be attracting some attention, if not causing outright panic.


Jean G

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9-4 "Man on Fire": McGarrett's blackboard already lists plutonium as the poison source before Dr. Ormsbee enters to inform him that plutonium was the poison source.



Danno was played by Tim O'Kelley in the 5-0 pilot. But a NY test audience told CBS they didn't buy him as a serious cop because he was too much of a "smart-cracking, Jimmy-Olsen-type gee-whiz kid." Leonard Freeman took the criticism to heart, and recast the part with James MacArthur for the series.