Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O (1968)

Episode list

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Show generally 4
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Cocoon (1) 2
2 Cocoon (2) 0
3 Full Fathom Five 2
4 Strangers In Our Own Land 0
5 Tiger By The Tail 1
6 Samurai 3
7 ... And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin 2
8 Twenty-Four Karat Kill 1
9 The Ways Of Love 1
10 No Blue Skies 0
11 By the Numbers 0
12 Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born 0
13 Deathwatch 0
14 Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember 1
15 King of the Hill 4
16 Uptight 0
17 The Face of the Dragon 2
18 The Box 1

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Det. Steve McGarrett: Aloha. Aloha, suckers.



9-4 "Man on Fire": McGarrett's blackboard already lists plutonium as the poison source before Dr. Ormsbee enters to inform him that plutonium was the poison source.



Danno was played by Tim O'Kelley in the 5-0 pilot. But a NY test audience told CBS they didn't buy him as a serious cop because he was too much of a "smart-cracking, Jimmy-Olsen-type gee-whiz kid." Leonard Freeman took the criticism to heart, and recast the part with James MacArthur for the series.