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Answer: He was fired. He never really appreciated his character. He felt Kono was portrayed as a big dumb Hawaiian and that the stereotype was racist. He also felt underutilized. He was fired after a heated argument with the show's publicist regarding his character. It seems there's not much details given regarding the incident or the firing, so it's seems possible he upset the show's producers as well.


No he said something derogatory about one of the Jewish producers that's why he was fired.

Answer: He was asked to speak at a local organization event but the producer insisted that Jack Lord be also there. It was an event in honor of Hawaiians and that set him off. He used a derogatory name for the Jewish producer and that pretty much ended his stint on the show.

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F.O.B. Honolulu (1) - S3-E18

Trivia: Roger C. Carmel, best known as Star Trek's Harry Mudd, played KGB agent Misha Toptegan in this episode. But his end credit lists the character as "Misha the Bear." This was a joking reference to Carmel's years as the voice of Smokey the Bear in hundreds of public service announcements throughout the 1960s.

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