The Twilight Zone

One for the Angels - S1-E2

Trivia: The centerpiece of Lou's sidewalk toy display is a wind-up Robbie the Robot from the film Forbidden Planet. (00:01:05)

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The Fever - S1-E17

Trivia: The slot machines in this episode had to be obtained from the LAPD's impound lockers, because slots were illegal in California at the time. Said producer Buck Houghton, "There was a policeman on the set at all times, to make damn sure that somebody didn't take one off and set it up in his uncle's barber shop."

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The Hitch-Hiker - S1-E16

Trivia: Rod Serling adapted "The Hitch-Hiker" from a 1941 Mercury Theatre on the Air radio play that had originally starred Orson Welles. Playwright Lucille Fletcher was displeased with the result, primarily because Serling changed the gender of the lead character from male to female, naming her after his daughter Nan.

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The Big Tall Wish - S1-E27

Trivia: The role of prize fighter Bolie Jackson was initially cast with real-life boxing legend Archie Moore. But when the retired champion was unable to keep up with the rigorous filming pace, Twilight Zone's casting director was forced to replace him, and chose actor Ivan Dixon for the part instead.

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A Passage for Trumpet - S1-E32

Trivia: In an era with no CGI, Twilight Zone used an inventive ruse to keep Joey from reflecting in the movie theater's mirrored wall. The "mirror" was clear glass, with a reverse duplicate of the set built on the other side. To "replicate" the girl in the ticket booth, they hired identical twins. (00:10:45)

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People Are Alike All Over - S1-E25

Trivia: The pretty blond Teena was played by Susan Oliver, who played Veena in the original pilot episode (later made into a two parter) of the Original Star Trek starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Chris Pike.

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