X-Men (1992)

1 plot hole in Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast - S2-E10

Plot hole: After Beast and Dr. Bohlson leave Carly's room, they briefly chat in the hallway just outside the door for less than 15 seconds in real time, and then discover that in that brief time frame, the Friends of Humanity abducted Carly from her second-story room via the window, managed to incapacitate the nurse, security guard and Carly's father, toss around furniture and spray paint "For Humanity" on one of the walls, all without any of the victims making a sound or the Friends of Humanity making a sound themselves. The Friends of Humanity aren't ninjas, rather they are shown to be somewhat bumbling, so there's no way they could have done all that as quickly and quietly as shown. (00:12:30)

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