A Rogue's Tale - S2-E9

Plot hole: In episode 1-9 "The Cure", when Pyro and Avalanche are in the bar on Muir Island waiting for Mystique to arrive, Avalanche says "This friend of yours better show up soon or I'm going back to jail, just for something to do!" Rogue then comes in and Pyro suggests to Avalanche that Rogue could be Mystique, to which Avalanche responds "What do you mean it could be? Don't you know what she looks like?", leading Pyro to tell Avalanche that Mystique is a shape-shifter. This dialogue implies that Avalanche has no idea who Mystique is, which is further substantiated when Pyro and Avalanche kidnap Mystique later in the episode while she is in the guise of Dr. Adler, and Avalanche didn't recognize Mystique when she revealed her true form. However in this episode it is shown that Pyro and Avalanche were both previously members of Mystique's Brotherhood of Mutants, so Avalanche should already know who Mystique is without Pyro having to tell him. Rogue was also a member of that group yet neither Pyro nor Avalanche recognize her.

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