Cold Comfort - S3-E15

Plot hole: This episode showed that Beast was an original member of the X-Men and also depicted the original X-Men battling Magneto. However, when Magneto attempted to break Beast out of jail in the season 1 episode "Enter Magneto", Beast said to him "I don't believe we've met. Magneto I presume."

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Cold Comfort - S3-E15

Plot hole: When Jubilee and Iceman are tied up, Jubilee has metal "mittens" over her hands that prevent her from using her powers to escape, but Iceman notes that they failed to learn about his powers and uses his ice powers to break free from his ropes. Iceman was in his ice form when X-Factor attacked him and Jubilee, and they also know that he previously attacked their compound, so they should have known that he had those abilities.


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Morph: [imitating Senator Kelly] My fellow Americans, I am an idiot.



Rogue rips off Donald Pierce's cybernetic left arm, but when he is first shown running away, his right arm is the one that is missing. When he catches up with Sebastian Shaw in the secret passageway, his left arm is back to being the one missing.



One of the images in Gambit's mind-scan is of fellow Marvel Comics superhero Ghost Rider.