The Wild Wild West

The Night of Miguelito's Revenge - S4-E12

Other mistake: The sandbag that almost falls on Pike and West splits wide open upon impact with the floor, but subsequent shots of the bag show it almost intact.


The Night of the Spanish Curse - S4-E14

Other mistake: Very close to the end of this episode during the fight scene, West and Gordon throw a guy directly into the camera - causing the shot to become unfocused and shaky.


The Night of the Kraken - S4-E6

Other mistake: While walking on the waterfront after the bar fight, West and Aguila's clothes are dry where moments before they dove out a window into the ocean.


The Night of the Plague - S4-E24

Other mistake: In the last fight scene, West runs uphill from the cave entering the scene from the most east side of the screen. There is a bad guy on the ground to West's right side as West is running uphill. The villains chase West, but their shot shows them entering the same scene from the middle of the screen with the guy on the ground on their left side.


The Night of the Avaricious Actuary - S4-E11

Continuity mistake: The letter from the Cyclops Insurance Company that Gordon pulls out of his pocket is folded, wrinkled, and well-worn. In the close up of the same letter West reads, the letter is white, pristine, and not wrinkled or folded.

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The Night Dr. Loveless Died - S3-E4

Trivia: Dr. Loveless' uncle's name, "Liebknicht", is, aside from the addition of the letter "k", German for "Loveless".

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