Prison Break

Otis - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: When Michael is sitting in the park he's staring at the front page of the newspaper. As the camera follows a man in the park you can see that Michael has opened to the midpages, but in the next shot Michael is looking at the front page again, before opening it another time.

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Otis - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: When Lincoln Borrows is secretly talking to his son in prison using a cell phone, he is seen wearing an inner blue plaid shirt for most of the scenes before. As the conversion starts and focus switches between the two, the inner shirt is visible and not visible. It disappears and re-appears three times during the conversation.

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When Quinn falls in the well, he falls through and subsequently destroys the well cover. At the end of the episode when the Secret Service boys show up, an undamaged cover is lying next to the well, which Kellerman uses to cover it up.



The show was filmed in an actual prison (now unused) in Joliet. The death row cell used for Lincoln Burrows is the actual death row cell that held serial killer John Wayne Gacy.