The Unit

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Continuity mistake: Episode: "Man Hunt": When Jonas tries to interrogate the hardware store owner, the owner falls off his chair, knocking it over. In the next shot it's standing upright again.


Into Hell: Part One - S4-E7

Plot hole: The Unit discovers a soldier who they think is Betsy, tied to a chair. They note that the room is covered with PIRs or Passive Infrared Sensors. They then take out their night-vision goggles and begin counting the number of "infrared lines" they see. However, PIR sensors don't emit anything; they are passive. (00:23:15)


Dedication - S1-E7

Other mistake: At about the 8 minute mark SnakeDoctor is talking on the radio to Bushmaster who is on the ground. There is a few seconds long shot where Bushmaster's earpiece is dangling wires and not connected to his Comms Gear on his vest. That earpiece can't be wireless.

Hero - S4-E15

Factual error: Betsy Blane is shown in her Army Class-A uniform preparing to address the press. She is wearing infantry cross rifles. Women are not allowed in the infantry.


First Responders - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Sgt. Brown exits Sgt. Blaine's car near the end of the episode as they return from their mission, he is clean-shaven. He enters his home and goes to the refrigerator for a drink with several days of stubble on his face.


Every Step You Take - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: Betsy rappels/climbs "first hand" because of a rope that seems to be anchored from the top, and is in a climbing brake or figure 8 rappelling device thus descending below her. But then it's visible that she's top secured by a knot, and when she sits, the rope is being recalled. (00:31:30)

Marcus DH Ghavidel

Games of Chance - S2-E16

Factual error: When the American team almost assassinates the vice-chancellor in the beginning, the German team comes in guns blazing. No special forces unit in the world would do that. They would have suppressed weapons, and use their ammunition diligently.


Dedication - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: As stated in another entry, Brown states that they are in a Huey when they are actually shown in a JetRanger. Later on, after twice showing night shots of a JetRanger flying overhead, they are shown in the cargo area of a Huey, then are shown flying and deploying out of a Huey. (00:04:30)

Ian Hunt

Dedication - S1-E7

Character mistake: When they show the helicopter containing Alpha team, it is a Bell 206 JetRanger, and the sound effects match it, but Brown says "This is the first time I'm on a Huey." The Huey and JetRanger look and sound nothing alike. (03:25:00)

Ian Hunt

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