Dark Shadows

Trivia: Exteriors for Collinwood were shot at what was then known as "Seaview Terrace" in Newport, Rhode Island. Now known as the Carey Mansion, the building has recently been made accessible for group events, and now hosts an annual gathering of Dark Shadows fans.

Jean G

Trivia: When Dark Shadows was cancelled in 1971, several storylines were left incomplete, not the least of which was the fate of Barnabas Collins. Was he doomed to remain a vampire for all eternity? The definitive answer is no. In a 1971 TV Guide interview, the head writer of Dark Shadows, Sam Hall, revealed that the series would have eventually ended with Julia permanently curing Barnabas of his vampirism, and that Barnabas and Julia would live happily ever after in the Far East.

Charles Austin Miller

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