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The Dwarf in the Dirt - S5-E7

Trivia: At around 5 mins 11 seconds into the episode, Vincent Nigel-Murrey and Dr. Saroyan are discussing the bones on the forensic platform. In the background of a shot of Vincent, the x-ray on the screen is of Homer Simpson's head in the middle of the screen, instead of a real human skull.


The Goop on the Girl - S5-E10

Trivia: When Max and Temperence go out to lunch with Temperence's cousin Margaret, Max comments that the pair are "practically sisters," and later when Margaret meets Booth, Booth asks if she is Bones' sister. The actress playing Margaret is actually Emily Deschanel's sister, Zooey.

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The X in the File - S5-E11

Trivia: At the diner in Roswell, Booth sees a picture of Dave Roberts, the host of the children's morning radio show "Rocketship 7", and mentions the show by name. Roberts is actually David Boreanaz's father.

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The X in the File - S5-E11

Trivia: This episode pays homage to The X Files, even using the X Files theme tune for a ring tone. It also features Dean Haglund, playing Blaine Miller who owns the alien themed cafe. Haglund also played Langley, one of the lone gunmen from The X Files.

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The Gamer in the Grease - S5-E9

Trivia: Hodges, Sweets and Fisher are waiting to see the movie "Avatar." It's interesting to note that Joel Moore, who plays Fisher in Bones, plays the character of Norm Spellman, a scientist who has his own avatar in the movie.

The X in the File - S5-E11

Trivia: Dean Haglund, who plays the restaurant owner in this episode, was one of the Lone Gunmen, Richard Langley, in the X-Files series itself.

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Dr. Temperance Brennan: I've never gotten a B and I never will.
Seeley Booth: That's my girl.



The Roswell, New Mexico sheriff forces Bones to examine the body because it was found in his jurisdiction. But later in the episode, we learn that the body was found 2 kilometers from the border of Mexico. Roswell is not even in a county on the border of New Mexico much less one that borders Mexico. In fact the closest border to Roswell between the US and Mexico would be in Texas - hours drive away. The Roswell sheriff would have no jurisdiction.