The Six Million Dollar Man
Season 4
Season 4 generally 0
1 The Return of Bigfoot: Part 1 0
2 Nightmare in the Sky 0
3 Double Trouble 0
4 The Most Dangerous Enemy 0
5 H+2+O = Death 0
6 Kill Oscar: Part 2 0
7 The Bionic Boy 0
8 Vulture of the Andes 0
9 The Thunderbird Connection 0
10 A Bionic Christmas Carol 0
11 Task Force 0
12 The Ultimate Imposter 0
13 Death Probe: Part 1 0
14 Death Probe: Part 2 1
15 Danny's Inferno 0
16 Fires of Hell 0
17 The Infiltrators 0
18 Carnival of Spies 0
19 U-509 0

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There is no physical way that Steve Austin could perform most of his superhuman feats of strength in the ABC television series, due to the fact that they simply replaced his arm and legs, but didn't rebuild or reinforce the rest of his skeleton and muscles to handle the physical loads. Interestingly, author Martin Caidin (creator of Steve Austin in his novel, "Cyborg") actually did describe an incredibly complex whole-body rebuild that included vertebral reinforcement and ribcage and pelvis replacement, which were far more factual than the subsequent ABC television interpretation. ABC only accepted the series on the condition that it was less technical for their audience.



The narrator who says, "Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive" during the opening sequence is the series producer, Harve Bennett.