Teen Titans

Episode 257-494 - S4-E2

Trivia: Some of the Clash Of The Planets characters Beast Boy introduces make an appearance as actual persons in fifth season's "Revved Up".

Mother Mae-Eye - S4-E11

Trivia: The girl in the clothes shop which gets raided by the HIVE Five is the video store girl from "Fear Itself"; she even wears the same things. Obviously, after the unsettling events involving Control Freak's first appearance, she decided to switch jobs.

The Quest - S4-E3

Trivia: Beast Boy, dressed up as Robin, popping through a paper-covered hoop, is a spoof on Robin the Boy Wonder's first comic appearance on the cover of Detective Comics issue 38 from 1940.

Cyborg the Barbarian - S4-E5

Trivia: Sarasim is an anagram of the name Sarah Simms, a long-lasting love interest of Cyborg in the original comic series.

Employee of the Month - S4-E6

Trivia: In reflection, the production and creative staff freely admitted that when they concocted this episode, their sense of seriousness had perhaps totally gone overboard some way through the creation process.

Mother Mae-Eye - S4-E11

Trivia: Among the "mystical items" offered by the gypsy, we can find Control Freak's remote, the Wicked Scary Monster prop-up from "Fear Itself", and the Puppet King marionette from "Switched".

Episode 257-494 - S4-E2

Trivia: The robot villain Seven-Gorn-Seven is a variation of the famous (and distinct) robot character Robbie the Robot who first appeared in 1956's Forbidden Planet.

Employee of the Month - S4-E6

Trivia: The emerging of the Nufu Source's protective chamber is of course a spoof on the unearthing of the huge cryogenic chamber in the movie Akira.

The End (2) - S4-E13

Trivia: While the Titans fight their own evil sides summoned by Trigon, the evil Cyborg taunts the good Cyborg about having no mother. As a matter of fact, in the mainstream comic series Cyborg's mother died because of a botched experiment by his father, which summoned an interdimensional monster. It was also on that day that Cyborg received his cybernetic prosthetics due to injuries the monster had inflicted on him.

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