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Corrected entry: In Season 5, Jim is talking to Charles Miner and mentions that he is the number two in the office, and ultimately admits that this is a made up position. However, in Season 3, when Stamford is closing and being absorbed by Scranton, Jan specifically offers him the number two position in Scranton.

Correction: After Josh abandoned the company, Jim was offered this spot during the restructuring, as an incentive to make sure that he stayed at Dunder-Mifflin. Basically, this job was made up for him, as a promise that he would move on to higher positions of responsibility within the company, given time. Charles obviously doesn't like Jim, and doesn't want him to advance within the company, so he belittles Jim's "made up" position as an attempt to show Jim how little he values him.

The mistake is valid and it has nothing to do with Charles belittling Jim's position. Jan did offer the position of number two to Jim. At first he was going to be number two behind Josh, but when Josh left, corporate gave him the same offer, only behind Michael. Jim's position is completely different than the one given to Dwight, in addition, Jim says Michael offered him the number two position, which he didn't.


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