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The Office (2005)

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Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the first episode, Michael and Dwight are in the conference room about to announce the possible downsizing. When Dwight says "I give you permission," you can see outside the conference room on the back wall near the map, a boom and camera man's shadow. (00:11:10)

Correction: You can see the camera crew on purpose. The camera crew there is not a mistake because they are documenting all the people in the office. That's why the characters are having confessions and talking to the camera all the time.


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Michael Scott: This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell outta here.



In 2-13 "The Secret" Pam and Jim are talking about how Jim used to have a crush on Pam when she first started here. This implies that Jim was working here when Pam was hired. However, in this episode Pam says that when Jim first started working there she said, "Enjoy this moment, because you're never going to go back to this time before you met your desk-mate, Dwight." These two scenes contradict each other.



Creed Bratton plays the voice of the Industrial Coal Mine Shaft employee that Michael talks to on the phone when he's trying to come up with some surprise for the staff.