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Grange Hill (1978)

3 mistakes in Episode #8.18

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Episode #8.18 - S8-E18

Factual error: One of the rockers taking part in the musical is wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt, this musical is set in 1962 and Iron Maiden weren't formed until 1975.

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Episode #8.18 - S8-E18

Continuity mistake: When Mrs McClusky is in the playground with Mr Bronson, Miss Booth, Banksie and Kevin discussing the alternative end to the school play with the bikers there is a white Lada estate car parked on the road outside the school that appears and disappears between shots.

Episode #8.18 - S8-E18

Continuity mistake: Stewpot arrives on stage for the play's finale on a motorbike, but when Banksie and Kevin open the hall doors only the rider is on the bike. As soon as the angle changes when the bike is through the hall doors Stewpot has appeared on the pillion.

Episode #9.11 - S9-E11

Imelda: I'm gonna get my dad down here to sort you out.
Mr Baxter: You do that, get your whole family down here, I expect they'll be glad to hear you've been nicking money off first year students. You get them all down here, tell them to wear a funny hat and we'll have a party.

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