Grange Hill

Grange Hill (1978)

3 mistakes in Episode #3.14

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Episode #3.14 - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: Jill Harcourt walks out of the school gates with her boyfriend after Mr Sutcliffe tells her he suspects it wasn't her that did her homework as her handwriting is different from last time. A woman with a dog walks past the school entrance - when the angle changes the woman and dog have disappeared, as has the girl who was walking behind Jill and her boyfriend.

Episode #3.14 - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: The minibus that the school goes to the outdoor centre in is a different vehicle than the one Mr Hopwood purchased from Alan's dad for this purpose in the previous episode.

Episode #3.14 - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: Andrew, Justin and Tucker are putting the tents up, Justin and Andrew are unrolling the canvas while Tucker attends to the poles, Tucker is standing right next to Justin. When the angle changes Tucker is now sitting quite a way from Justin, who has to walk over to Tucker to ask him to borrow his magazine, also the three bags that were next to the canvas have disappeared and the green bag that was next to Tucker is now behind him.

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