Barbecued Batman? (2) - S2-E6

Visible crew/equipment: When Minstrel and his henchmen race down the stairs, the sound pole rigging shadow is moving at the very top of the screen.


Jean G

The Dead Ringers (2) - S2-E16

Visible crew/equipment: When Harry plots to replace Chandell, the polished grand piano behind him reflects the moving lights on some of the studio equipment.


Jean G

The Yegg Foes in Gotham (2) - S2-E14

Visible crew/equipment: During the final egg fight, the microphone shadow puts in an appearance on the wall behind the bad guys.


Jean G

It's the Way You Play the Game (2) - S2-E26

Visible crew/equipment: When Batman and Robin visit Laughing Leo's Used Car Lot, the side of the Batmobile reflects a whole row of big square studio lighting panels.


Jean G

It's the Way You Play the Game (2) - S2-E26

Visible crew/equipment: The Batmobile has just pulled away, and as Andy waves good-bye, the camera shadow can be seen moving rapidly offscreen at the lower lefthand corner of the frame.


Jean G

The Bird's Last Jest (2) - S2-E28

Visible crew/equipment: Batman tilts the Bat Shield just a little too much when he and Robin are under fire from Penguin's goons, and it captures a pretty clear reflection of the camera rigging.


Jean G

Penguin Sets a Trend (2) - S2-E43

Visible crew/equipment: The Batmobile, responding to Batman's remote control activator, is supposedly driving itself through Gotham City's streets. But in one shot, even though he's crouching down, you can see the head of the film crew member actually driving the car.


Jean G

Penguin's Disastrous End (3) - S2-E44

Visible crew/equipment: As O'Hara goes to move his patrol car, the boom mike and lighting equipment is reflected on the windows.

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Batman's plaster-covered costume gets an instant dry cleaning en route as he drives from the sculptor's studio to the batcave.



The 1966 T.V. Batmobile was created from a decade-old "concept show car" designed and built in 1955 by Ford's Lincoln Division. It was called the Lincoln Futura, and was originally a pearlescent pale green. After several years on the car show rounds (and an appearance in one movie, repainted red), it was sold for $1 to George Barris who stored it outdoors for 6 years. When FOX called looking for Barris to build a car for the show, they gave him 3 weeks, so he grabbed this already-weird looking car he had out back, sketched a few changes and passed the physical work to Bill Cushenberry. It was finished on time and the rest is history.