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9 mistakes in Batman Stands Pat (2)

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Batman Stands Pat (2) - S1-E14

Revealing mistake: As Batman is about to use his batarang to Mad Hatter's hideout, right before getting caught by him and his henchmen towards the end of the episode, as he moves his cape back, the back part of his costume is open.

Batman Stands Pat (2) - S1-E14

Visible crew/equipment: When the Dynamic Duo trace Turkey's bowler to Mad Hatter's lair, they proceed to climb the wall. Then Hatter tells his goons to get into place for the trap, and in the next overhead shot there's a white chalk T-mark on the floor near Mad Hatter, at the right side of the screen. (00:17:45)

Super Grover

Commissioner Gordon: Great day in the morning.

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Trivia: The 1966 T.V. Batmobile was created from a decade-old "concept show car" designed and built in 1955 by Ford's Lincoln Division. It was called the Lincoln Futura, and was originally a pearlescent pale green. After several years on the car show rounds (and an appearance in one movie, repainted red), it was sold for $1 to George Barris who stored it outdoors for 6 years. When FOX called looking for Barris to build a car for the show, they gave him 3 weeks, so he grabbed this already-weird looking car he had out back, sketched a few changes and passed the physical work to Bill Cushenberry. It was finished on time and the rest is history.


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Answer: There wasn't one singular city used. It was shot in and around various locations in California, plus on a lot of sets and backlots. Ex. Some scenes were shot in LA, some in Pasadena, some in Santa Barbara, etc.


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