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Penguin Sets a Trend (2) - S2-E43

Continuity mistake: Penguin's van races by a Gotham City movie theater, passing three cars parked in front of it. In the very next shot, the Batmobile zips past the same spot in hot pursuit - and there are now four cars parked there. (00:20:20)

Jean G

The Joker's Hard Times (2) - S2-E38

Factual error: Joker, Penguin and no less than four henchmen all manage to hide in the Batmobile's trunk and leap out when it enters the Batcave. Even for Batman, this is stretching credibility more than a bit. There's no way the Batmobile's trunk could hold six adults and still close (and it was closed). Two might fit, even three in a pinch - but not six. (00:17:30)

Jean G

The Bat's Kow Tow (2) - S2-E30

Factual error: Batman ingeniously deduces that the sympathetic vibration needed to escape Catwoman's sound-trap is the note F-sharp above high-C. What he proceeds to hum, however, is a D, and Robin hums an E. Neither of them reaches F-sharp, but the sound chamber dutifully explodes and frees them anyway. (00:02:30)

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Smack in the Middle (2) - S1-E2

Factual error: The mammoth is filled, according to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldavia, with "used postage stamps from ancient kingdom of Moldavia." Postage stamps are a 19th century invention, not something an 'ancient kingdom' would have used. (00:17:20)

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The Penguin's a Jinx (2) - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: When the Penguin orders his hook to be fired, it barely moves, then suddenly takes off. If you look closely at the hook before it moves, the connecting wire used to pull it out of frame can be seen. (00:13:30)

Movie Nut

I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle - S3-E23

Plot hole: After the rock falls on King Tut at the end giving him amnesia, Batman explains how the rock fell. He says Tut raised his voice three decibels above high C. Decibels are a measure of volume, while pitch is a measure of frequency: the two are not directly related. This mistake was done in other episodes of Batman also, such as when Joan Collins played the villain.

terry s

The Joker's Hard Times (2) - S2-E38

Continuity mistake: The Batmobile pulls up in front of the Platter-Porium, and you can see that only Batman and Robin are inside the car. When the shot cuts to close-up, though, Venus is sitting in between them. (Tight squeeze: it's a 2-seater and she must be straddling the transmission hump and hand brake - ouch.) The shot cuts back to full for them to jump from the car, and Venus has disappeared again. (00:13:40)

Jean G

The Riddler: You and your trained, exploding shark.
The Penguin: How was I to know they'd have a can of shark-repellent Batspray handy?

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Answer: It's wasn't unusual for multiple actors to play one character on this show. The villains on the TV Batman were played by guest stars, not regular cast members. George Sanders, Otto Preminger, and Eli Wallach played the part at various times. They may simply have only wanted to play the part once or twice, or they were later tied up with other projects, making it necessary to cast someone else. Other characters, like Catwoman, were also played by more than one actress.

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