The Prisoner

Many Happy Returns - S1-E7

Other mistake: They search for the location of the Village by using map co-ordinates, which are checked out using a military aircraft. The Village is eventually discovered and found to be on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. Number 6 is ejected from the aircraft back to the Village. However, in the final episode, i.e. 'Fall Out,' the Village is found to be in somewhere in the UK. They escape in a truck and end up traveling to London.

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The Chimes of Big Ben - S1-E2

Other mistake: When No.8 has been caught by "Rover" in the sea, she is pulled back unconscious to land by one large Rover and 2 smaller Rovers (one on each arm). Her legs are seen to kick (swimming style) to help them move.


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Throughout the episode, Number 6's lapels switch from having solid to broken white piping and back again.



This episode was not shown in the initial U.S. airing of "The Prisoner" on CBS. There was speculation that its pacifist, anti-violence moral might have been construed as a Vietnam War protest, but the network's reason for censoring the episode has never been disclosed.