The Prisoner

Many Happy Returns - S1-E7

Other mistake: They search for the location of the Village by using map co-ordinates, which are checked out using a military aircraft. The Village is eventually discovered and found to be on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. Number 6 is ejected from the aircraft back to the Village. However, in the final episode, i.e. 'Fall Out,' the Village is found to be in somewhere in the UK. They escape in a truck and end up traveling to London.

The Chimes of Big Ben - S1-E2

Other mistake: When No.8 has been caught by "Rover" in the sea, she is pulled back unconscious to land by one large Rover and 2 smaller Rovers (one on each arm). Her legs are seen to kick (swimming style) to help them move. (00:17:25)

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