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Arrival - S1-E1

Corrected entry: Everyone in the Village is supposed to have a number instead of a name. Yet, Tom Cobb, the ex-agent Number 6 recognizes in the medical ward, is for some reason an exception. Number 2, the doctor, Number 4 and Number 6 himself all call the man Cobb.

Jean G

Correction: Numbers are used to conceal prisoners' identities. Number 6 recognises Cobb from the outside world, after which there's no point in anybody calling him anything else.

Show generally

Corrected entry: During the opening credits, when he has resigned, a typewriter is seen to repeatedly put a letter onto the platen. In the next shot, a series of Xs are placed over the Prisoner's picture. The key that is repeatedly pressed is H. (The X key would have come from somewhere near the left of the picture of the keys, not the middle.).

Correction: Although it is suggested, it is never confirmed that the key is typing out the x's across the card. There are dozens of 3's and other letters and numbers all over the card, and there may even be some on the other side. The point is, we can't tell what the H key is typing because we never see both in action and the letter being typed at the same time (plus, there's been quick cutting throughout the intro, so it is possible it appears here as well).

Free for All - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: Throughout the episode, Number 6's lapels switch from having solid to broken white piping and back again.

Jean G
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Number Two: I'm the boss.
Number 6: No. One is the boss.

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Living in Harmony - S1-E14

Trivia: This episode was not shown in the initial U.S. airing of "The Prisoner" on CBS. There was speculation that its pacifist, anti-violence moral might have been construed as a Vietnam War protest, but the network's reason for censoring the episode has never been disclosed.

Jean G
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