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The King of Queens (1998)

101 mistakes in season 3

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Deacon Blues - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: When Doug is ringing Arthur at the beginning of the episode, there are 2 lunch boxes on top of the lockers behind Doug. During different shots 1 disappears and reappears. (00:00:45)

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Roast Chicken - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: At the dinner table while talking about being obscure at work, Doug starts pouring his beer into a glass. But immediately in the next shot he is finished pouring and both bottle and glass are on the table. A moment later he picks up the beer and pours it into the glass a second time. (00:03:45)

The Minister

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Roast Chicken - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: At the beginning Carrie is dishing out potatoes from a bowl with a large black spoon, and as the camera changes angles her arm has not moved and she is now holding a small fork getting chicken from a different bowl. (00:01:40)


Class Struggle - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: When Doug says to Carrie that he doesn't even know her anymore, Carrie's laptop and books are open over the desk. However when the camera cuts to her standing up, she has got the laptop folded up and her books in her arms instantly. (00:10:35)

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Deacon Blues - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: When Arthur walks into the kitchen at the start and picks up the phone, the door is closing. The camera cuts to Doug at IPS, then back to Arthur and the door is still at the same point of closing. (00:00:55)

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Trivia: Kevin James, who plays lead character Doug, and Gary Valentine, who plays his cousin Danny, are in fact real life brothers, with Gary being over 4 yrs older.

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Show generally

Question: Does anyone know if Carrie and Doug had a baby on the show? And also was it just me, or was Carrie pregnant in real life in one season, and they did not write it into the show, or did she just gain a lot of weight?

Answer: To answer the question directly. Carrie and Doug do not have a biological child during the show's main run. In season 3 or 4 finale (cant remember which) Carrie has a miscarriage. Later on in the show they find out Carrie has 1 working ovary. Thus reducing the chance of them conceiving. By the final season, they couple agree to adopt from China and go to collect their child in the show's final episode. While on the flight back from China it's revealed that Carrie is once again pregnant. However the last scene of the show is a flash forward showing that Carrie goes full term with that child and they are struggling with both kids.

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Answer: Leah Remini was not pregnant in real life at the time of the series finale in 2007. Her daughter was born in summer 2004 and it was obvious she gained weight and wore larger clothes during that season. So no, her real pregnancy was not written into the show.

Answer: They did have a baby in the series finale. They actually adopted a baby from China, and then at the same time they found out she was pregnant. She was pregnant in real life, but they just covered her up, as much as they could, during the filming of the show.


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