Hey Arnold!
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally5
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1Downtown as Fruits / Eugene's Bike1
2The Little Pink Book/Field Trip1
3Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid2
4Helga's Makeover/The Old Building1
56th Grade Girls/The Baseball1
7Operation Ruthless/The Vacant Lot1
8The List/Haunted Train1
9Mugged / Roughin' It0
10Door #16 / Arnold as Cupid2
11Benchwarmer / Cool Jerk2
12Das Subway / Wheezin' Ed1
13Tutoring Torvald / Gerald Comes Over3
14Spelling Bee / Pigeon Man0
15Olga Comes Home / Sally's Comet1
16Abner Come Home / The Sewer King1
17False Alarm / World Records0
18Magic Show / 24 Hours to Live2

Girl Trouble / School Dance - S3-E18

Continuity mistake: Besides the fact that when Helga is sharpening her pencil, the desk arrangement changes, one of the students visible when she looks at Arnold is...Helga.

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Helga's Makeover/The Old Building - S1-E4

Trivia: Helga walks by the "Law Office of Garcia, James A."; Tricia Garcia is the storyboard artist for this episode.

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