Kingdom Hospital
Movie Quote Quiz

Blondie: How ze hell should I know? I am just ze dog.

Paul: Dr Gottreich? Are you forgetting? Sterile technique?
Dr. Egas Gottreich: Germs and such? Boy, who's been feeding you this poppycock?

Dr. Egas Gottreich: Here they store what came before. Pain and suffering from days of yore. Before and after, tears and laughter. After comes before, before comes after. Past and future and then, hereafter. The naked and the dead, the young and the old. Their stories end here, their tales untold. Here sickness and death Have left their pages. Written in blood for all the ages. Someday, your story will be here, too.

Dr. Jesse James: Oh no, we can't have little rodent junkies running amok.

Mary Jensen: Help me.
Peter Rickman: How?
Mary Jensen: Let Antubis help you.

Paul: Leave it alone, Short Time, butt out! That'd be my advice. She's not the only one who has a bell.

Narrator: Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.

Paul: A problem, but not an insurmountable one.

Paul: You know, sometimes a guys just gotta set the world on fire, hey Rolfy. I wonder if there's a nice bottle of rubbing alcohol around here, and a match.

Christa: Are we in trouble?
Abel Lyon: He may forget that he was drunk.
Christa: Or he may not.
Abel Lyon: He may not.

Antubis: You do me a solid, I do you a solid.

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