Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993)

2 mistakes in season 6

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To Have and to Hold - S6-E20

Plot hole: In the ending scene, after Mike's serious fall, she has a probable concussion and Sully desperately keeps her awake to avoid her slipping into a coma. They talk all night, reminiscing. During this, Mike experiences periodic pain flashes from her fall. They conclude their evening by discussing having another child - then immediately share a rather intense intimate moment. This would be impossible. Even if pain and swelling goes down, one does not just jump back in the game again, and win that 500 yard dash. Realistically, Mike and Sully would have returned home to have Andrew examine her thoroughly, before deeming her ready to be intimate again.


A Time to Heal (2) - S6-E9

Plot hole: Marjorie's tragic death: Though Colorado Springs is a considerable distance from the Atlantic coast, the Quinns should have honored Marjorie's death with a town vigil. They should also have had her body properly transported back home to Boston, to be buried alongside her Quinn relations, as was (and still is) common respect for soldiers, family members, and dignitaries - instead of burying her in the town cemetery, where she did not belong.


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