The Fairly OddParents
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Wandisimo: Principles, much like my biceps, are muy bonito.

Denzel Crocker: Hey, Turner exploded! That's one less mouth to teach.

Cosmo: If Wanda sees this, she's gonna think I'm an idiot.
Timmy Turner: And this would be news to her how?

Timmy Turner: I'm big, I'm hurting people, and I'm misunderstood.
Cosmo: Just like The IRS.

Principal Waxelplax: Crocker.

Mom Turner: Timmy, you know how your dad gets around people who are on money.

Timmy Turner: It's fun and destructive. It's funstructive.

Timmy Turner: Dogs have great sense of smell, they can see in black and white, and they can go to the bathroom any where they want.
Cosmo: So can I, I'm just polite.

Dad: Good thing I landed on this nice, soft mom.

Mom Turner: Timmy, you know you're not supposed to make your father scream like a girl three times in one day.

Nega-Chin: Adam West's waistband.

Cosmo: I don't get it. If you're not married to her, why is she trying to kill you?

Timmy Turner: Feel better now?
Chip Skylark: Yeah. I didn't have to go to the bathroom, but the sound of flushing calms me down.

Cosmo: That's what got me on probation.

Dad Turner: Yay, I'm unemployed.

Cosmo: Oh, relax, Timmy. She'll probably stop laughing when that alien flower you gave her eats her heart out at midnight.

Timmy Turner: Note to self: Never break up with a girl in the Violent Gardening Tool section.

Cosmo: Apparently, another thing I'm chock-full of is not knowing stuff.

Wanda: Awwwww, Goat Love.
Cosmo: They say it's the most honest love around.

Father Time! / Apartnership! - S1-E4

Plot hole: Timmy uses his heat vision, that he previously wished for, to win the race for his future dad. But it's revealed later in "Smarty Pants" that if you use a previous wish in a contest, it is magically taken away because it's cheating.

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Suggested correction: That is true, that rule was mentioned in a later episode. However in the episode Christmas Every Day, it was revealed that new rules could be added at anytime. So it's possible that the rule simply didn't exist yet. Although, this plot hole may apply to any episode released after "Smarty Pants."

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Odd Jobs / Movie Magic - S3-E2

Question: At the end of Movie Magic, Trixie and the 2 boys that were with her (who said they made their movie because they were bored) said that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment next to animation. What are all the forms of entertainment, and please put them in order from lowest to highest or vice versa?

Answer: It's a joke. One cannot list all forms of entertainment. The list would never end. The boys were trying to convey how superior they were to the others, by saying that they were too good for comedy.

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