The Fairly OddParents
Movie Quote Quiz

Wanda: Awwwww, Goat Love.
Cosmo: They say it's the most honest love around.

Timmy Turner: Feel better now?
Chip Skylark: Yeah. I didn't have to go to the bathroom, but the sound of flushing calms me down.

Principal Waxelplax: Crocker.

Wanda: Timmy, you can't have both brains and brawn. You have to pick just one.
Cosmo: Or do what I did. Pick neither.

Mom Turner: You just need to be more secure in your masculinity - like me.

Cosmo: Now will you hold me?

Dad Turner: Yay, I'm unemployed.

Timmy Turner: Dogs have great sense of smell, they can see in black and white, and they can go to the bathroom any where they want.
Cosmo: So can I, I'm just polite.

Denzel Crocker: Curse this obsolete one month old technology.

Dad Turner: Timmy... I'm respecting your privacy by knocking, but asserting my authority as your father by coming in anyway.

Wanda: You made your dad cry.
Cosmo: Yeah. Usually it takes a monkey or a bowl of pudding to do that.

Timmy Turner: Note to self: Never break up with a girl in the Violent Gardening Tool section.

Nega-Chin: Adam West's waistband.

Cosmo: If Wanda sees this, she's gonna think I'm an idiot.
Timmy Turner: And this would be news to her how?

Trixie Tang: You're 0.01% more of a person in my eyes.

Wandisimo: Can it be? Wanda the love of my life who I lost to Cosmo who I lost when he married you so you'd stay lost to me?

Jorgen von Strangle: What in the name of my bulging tripceps is going on?

Cosmo: That's what got me on probation.

Mom Turner: Timmy, you know how your dad gets around people who are on money.

Dad: Egad.

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