The Fairly OddParents

Chin Up! / Dog's Day Afternoon! - S1-E5

Trivia: The Crimson Chin is played by Jay Leno. That's why they say that he was a "struggling talk show host" when he got bitten by a radioactive celebrity.

The Big Problem! / Power Mad! - S1-E1

Trivia: In the episode "Power Mad", when Timmy, Chester, and AJ enter the video game, their outfits are almost identical to the virtual outfits in the movie "Tron".

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The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker - S3-E8

Trivia: When Timmy goes to the 80s, just before he arrives in front of Dimmesdale University, the 'Back to the Future' car enters the time stream, only to be replaced by Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda.

Trivia: In the original shorts Timmy's parents were only shown from the neck down. When the shorts were turned into this full-length series, however, we see his parents in full-body form. They are still referred to as "Mr. and Mrs. Turner" and the only facts we are given are that they met at age 10 and that Mr. Turner is 42 years old.

Trivia: The city's name "Dimmesdale" is named after Arthur Dimmesdale from "The Scarlet Letter".


The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker - S3-E8

Trivia: The band Devo, in their outfits from the 'Whip It' music video, enter Dimmsdale U. An instrumental version of 'Whip It' is played just before Timmy goes to the 80s.

Trivia: The only reason that Timmy has a pink hat was because the creator's blue marker ran out of ink.

Trivia: In the Danny Phantom episode "Fanning the flames"(It is the one with Ember McLane in it) at Ember's midnight concert she yells ,"tell me who you love." Everybody in the crowd yells, "Ember McLane. Ember McLane." If look carefully you will see a very fat crimson chin in the crowd at that time.

Trivia: Not only does Daran Norris play Cosmo and Timmy's dad, but he also plays Jorgen Von Strangle and Gordy on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

Trivia: The people who play Cosmo and Wanda are the same people who play Timmy's real parents.


Trivia: In the episode "Lights, Camera, Adam!" when Timmy is walking down the sidewalk with the list of stars, the names are the creators of "The Fairly Oddparents".

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Crash Nebula - S4-E2

Trivia: When Crash is reading a comic book on top of a silo, look at the back of the book; there is an ad for "Danny Phantom," another Butch Hartmen T.V show.

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Trivia: In the episode "Wish Fixers", when fake Jorgan is showing the Wish Fixers advertisement, the list that appears next to him in the beginning are bad wishes that Timmy has made in previous episodes, like invisibility and talking cockroaches.

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