The Fairly OddParents

Father Time! / Apartnership! - S1-E4

Plot hole: Timmy uses his heat vision, that he previously wished for, to win the race for his future dad. But it's revealed later in "Smarty Pants" that if you use a previous wish in a contest, it is magically taken away because it's cheating.

Kung Timmy / Which Witch Is Which? - S3-E16

Plot hole: In Kung Timmy, technically Timmy should still have kung fu powers during the fight with Francis, because he's fighting to protect Cosmo and Wanda.


Show generally

Plot hole: Season 6, Episode 5 (overall episode 73) "The Good Ol' Days / Future Lost": In the episode "Future Lost", when Mark is hugged by several students at school, wouldn't he possibly freak out, since he is a Yugopotamian who doesn't like being hugged?

Dream Goat! / The Same Game! - S1-E6

Plot hole: Timmy wishes that everybody in the world looks exactly the same. Cosmo and Wanda turn everyone into grey blobs. Yet kids are small blobs, and women are blobs with long eyelashes. They don't look "exactly" the same.

Grumpy Scot

Show generally

Plot hole: In "Oh Brother!" Timmy wishes for a brother who will beat up Francis and some other things. How come he doesn't beat up Francis, even though Timmy wished for it?

logan crews

Show generally

Plot hole: In the episode "Class Clown" when Timmy wishes he was the funniest kid in the world and everything he says is freakin' hilarious, then how come when Timmy says "Tip your waitress." to Cosmo and Wanda nobody laughs, but everything else he says is funny.

logan crews

Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary / Nectar of the Odds - S2-E10

Plot hole: During the magical duel, Jorgen counts off the seconds until the end; '3,2....' Remy then screams at his godparent, and about five more seconds pass. Time should have run out.

Show generally

Plot hole: In the episode where the only food is dessert and everyone is fat, Cosmo finds a cowboy (and a cowboy hunter) in his stomach. They are both skinny. But wouldn't they be fat too?

Information Stupor Highway - S3-E1

Plot hole: When Timmy wishes for Cosmo and Wanda to stay at the computer and watch him, they poof their wands. But when Timmy's dad comes they leave the computer, wouldn't that kind of magic make them stay there?

logan crews

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