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Murder Among Friends - S12-E16

Question: I think most MSW episodes are wrapped up pretty nicely, however, there is a loose end in "Murder Among Friends" that is bothering me - why didn't Dyan take the script from Ricki's safe after she killed her? We know that safe was open when she killed Ricki and that the script inside named Carly as the one being written-off the show (not herself like Dyan wanted). She had no way of knowing that Gene would switch out the script (a good red herring) or that Leo would opt for a re-write anyway, so why leave it? We also know that Leo didn't want to let Dyan do the movie either, so killing Ricki alone wouldn't necessarily solve Dyan's problem. It doesn't seem plausible that she killed Ricki out of pure rage without caring whether or not it would even help her cause. Is there any explanation? It just bothers me that they never addressed why Dyan didn't take the script...after all, it WAS the McGuffin!

Track of a Soldier - S12-E18

Question: When we figure out at the end that Juan was Lloyd's killer, how come it didn't show a flashback of him stabbing Lloyd? Like the other scene where it shows Peter discovering his dead body and picks up the knife, and also at the end it shows Greta discovered his body too and turned his body around to look for the diamond, but didn't show Juan murdering him.


Answer: It may simply have been a matter of time, as this was a one-hour show. The murderer is always revealed at the end, though it is not necessary to show the actual murder. Also, at that that time, it may have been considered too graphic to show someone being stabbed on a family TV show.

raywest Premium member

Sing a Song of Murder - S2-E5

Audio problem: When singing "Goodbye little yellow bird" Emma blows a kiss to Oliver offstage, but she is still singing the song when she is blowing the kiss. Although it's possible she was pretending as it was part of the act, her voice wasn't even muffled by her hand.

Dan Moat

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A Christmas Secret - S9-E9

Trivia: This is the only episode in the entire series where the victim is attacked but is later revealed to be still alive.

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