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10/10. One of the best shows of the 80's as well number one best detective shows. I find Mrs Angela Lansbury an absolute delight. She plays Jessica Fletcher as a kind, sharp, tough determined person mixed with Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Dr Haledjian, and Miss Marple. I would be honest in saying this is still better than modern detective shows like Monk, the whole Law and Order franchise, etc. She shows humor, an inquisitive nature, feistiness, and determination. The idea of a widowed school teacher/mystery writer/ detective is genius. If anything, this show should've gotten several Emmys for Best Actress and Best Show or whatever. I enjoy 11 of the 12 seasons, skipped Season 6. Mrs Lansbury is a gem of an actress here and still is the best ever in TV mystery shows. She possessed such a charm without needing to be glamorous like Charlie's Angels, smart alecky like Moonlighting, or defying superiors constantly like Starsky And Hutch. I feel that she was a true feminist like Susan B. Anthony without needing to put on false machismo like Police Woman did. I feel for perfect mystery TV it'll always be Jessica (J.B.) Fletcher in Cabot Cove.


Sing a Song of Murder - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: When Emma was almost hit by a car she jumped up onto the edge of the wall and then back down onto the floor. When she landed she was facing the theatre door, but when Oliver came of the door and the shot changed, she was facing away from the wall. This happened in the transition from stunt person to Angela.

Dan Moat

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Murder Among Friends - S12-E16

Question: I think most MSW episodes are wrapped up pretty nicely, however, there is a loose end in "Murder Among Friends" that is bothering me - why didn't Dyan take the script from Ricki's safe after she killed her? We know that safe was open when she killed Ricki and that the script inside named Carly as the one being written-off the show (not herself like Dyan wanted). She had no way of knowing that Gene would switch out the script (a good red herring) or that Leo would opt for a re-write anyway, so why leave it? We also know that Leo didn't want to let Dyan do the movie either, so killing Ricki alone wouldn't necessarily solve Dyan's problem. It doesn't seem plausible that she killed Ricki out of pure rage without caring whether or not it would even help her cause. Is there any explanation? It just bothers me that they never addressed why Dyan didn't take the script...after all, it WAS the McGuffin!

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