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Pegasus - S2-E10

Corrected entry: The Pegasus is presumably a newer Battlestar than Galactica (which was slated to be decommissioned when the Cylons attacked), and its complement of Vipers is of a newer model, presumably the Mark V. The newer Mark V Vipers were in use by the majority of the Human fleet defending the Colonies in the miniseries were easily jammed by the Cylons, rendering them worthless, yet the Pegasus' Vipers are unaffected by the Cylons they've encountered.

Correction: The Pegasus took heavy loses during the same opening day of the new war, so it's certain they, too, had problems with their Mark VIIs (not Vs) at the time, but a lot of time has passed since, and both Pegasus and Galactica have since overcome the problems that the Mark VII's had that day, as both are using them.


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Starbuck: Starbuck to all Vipers. Do not fire! Repeat: Do NOT fire! I am a friendly, okay? We're all let's!



In the scene where Starbuck attempts to retrieve Apollo's arrow, a crewman in a red tee shirt and dark vest can be seen standing just behind and to the right of the display case as she is shooting out the glass.



Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama) plays a man involved in a search for dangerous androids who are nearly impossible to distinguish from humans. He played a man in a very similar situation in Blade Runner as Gaff. Amusing coincidence.