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Corrected entry: Throughout the series, over military and other official communications lines, people say "repeat" when they repeat something they've said. The correct phrase should be "I say again." "Repeat" is an instruction to fire/shoot again. Since the writers were careful to get other aspects of military life aboard a carrier right, this particular mistake is quite obvious.

Correction: That may be the case on Earth ships, however this is a Colonial Battlestar. What they are doing may well be their correct protocol.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the show the humans refer to the Cylons as a "race". They should be referring to them as a species. Among the humans there are different races present and it would be more correct to refer the Cylons as different species in that they are as different from humans generally as humans are from rats, for example.

Correction: This is really expecting far too much from characters who have no scientific training. I know if I, an average Joe, met other intelligent lifeforms, I'd use both "race" and "species" to describe them.

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Starbuck: Starbuck to all Vipers. Do not fire! Repeat: Do NOT fire! I am a friendly, okay? We're all let's!



In the scene where Starbuck attempts to retrieve Apollo's arrow, a crewman in a red tee shirt and dark vest can be seen standing just behind and to the right of the display case as she is shooting out the glass.



Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama) plays a man involved in a search for dangerous androids who are nearly impossible to distinguish from humans. He played a man in a very similar situation in Blade Runner as Gaff. Amusing coincidence.